LNKC PHRF Rating Program Describes the PHRF rating program at Lake Norman and how ratings are determined.  Contains a discussion of boat design, sail and equipment requirements, organization of the LNKC Board of Handicappers, application for a rating, and rating appeals.

LNKC Standard Sail and Equipment Specifications Detailed guidance concerning sail and equipment limitations.

LNKC Boat & Sail and Measurement Guide
Drawings and definitions for boat and sail measurements.

Annual Fleet Reporting 2017 Analysis of skipper and boat performance in 2017 and recommendations for 2018 divisions.


The Valid List contains current ratings for all boats rated at Lake Norman. It can be sorted by any column heading and printed from the screen.
A PDF version can also be created in any desired sort order.


The Ratings Comparisons list shows PHRF ratings for all boat models rated at Lake Norman in order of base rating.  It also contains base ratings for other selected venues as well as the US Sailing average base rating for each boat model.  The Portsmouth DPN number, if published for that model, is also shown as an indicator of boat speed potential under the Portsmouth rating system.


            The forms below can be filled out on screen. If you have Adobe Reader only and can not print to PDF, print the completed form to paper and mail to the address on the form. If you have Adobe Acrobat or can print to PDF with other software, print the completed form to a separate PDF file, attach the file to an email, and send to the email address on the form

Rating Request Form    Insure the form is complete in all respects with regard to your boat and the sails and equipment to be on board while racing.

Rating Appeal Form   Required for any appeal to be brought before the Board of Handicappers.

2018 LNKC Board of Handicappers

LNYC Handicappers

OYC Handicappers

PYC Handicappers

Richard Jones

Bruce Onsanger

John Killeen

Pete Marriott - Chief Handicapper

Pete Calame

Steve Shaw